Most people who visit Uganda explore the country in a safari van, but the hills, mountains and rough roads are actually perfect for cycling. People mostly visit Uganda to see animals, explore the cultures and also to see new landscapes.

Most travel in off-road vehicles. Few people know that you can also explore the most interesting parts of the country just as safely on a bike, and get much closer, too. In Uganda, bikers enjoy beautiful scenery and can meet with like-minded adventurers in cycling clubs.

Road Cycling is such an enjoyable sport in Uganda because you get to burn calories while exploring and sightseeing, plus de-stress and bond with friends. SunTrack Adventures brings you face to face with the sights, sounds, and wonders of the Pearl of Africa through our road cycling tours and safaris.

These affordable budget road cycling tours offer an experience to last a lifetime; you’ll meet local tribes-people, visit the rich tea and fruit plantations and experience the variety of culture that makes up this great country

SunTrack Adventures weekend cycling tours Uganda are the best way to spend your weekend. It is a break from the normal nine to five routine, or whichever work schedule you may have, and instead you concentrate on spinning the pedals in some of the most scenic views in the countryside or suburbs.

Your weekend road cycling tours Uganda can be two days of cycling with an overnight camp or one day of cycling, one day of another exciting adventure and the overnight camp. When it is all over, however long the cycling distance is, you come back home a totally different person – more energized and ready to tackle the week ahead.

We handle the stress, you enjoy the cycling bliss of our weekend cycling tours. Experience the real Uganda as you can on a bike. Encounter wildlife from your saddle, immerse yourself in to the culture and colour of the people and landscapes, and camp in the wilderness under a cloudless Uganda sky.