Nomads Homestay

Nomads Home Mukono

The Nomads Homestay Mukono is also the headquarters of Ssamba Foundation in Kalagi, Mukono. The home was started as a place to host volunteers and to start the office for the organization but also acts as the private residence of the Founder and Executive of Ssamba Foundation and Team Leader of SunTrack Adventures.

The home consists of two houses with a private/double rooms, kitchen, bathrooms and living room, included is also a house for Ssamba family that takes care of you during your stay. A small storeyed building is under construction to accommodate a rooftop bar and extra room.

Volunteers staying at the home are assigned a bed based on capacity, arrival time and length of stay. If all beds are occupied when you arrive, there are several other options available within the immediate vicinity. We are always happy to help you to find adequate accommodations upon arrival.

The facility breaths a relaxed, family like atmosphere and most people who stay at the home are travelling alone and this provides a perfect opportunity for you to meet others and make plans for traveling around Uganda together with the ones you meet. Furthermore, we offer pre-arrival support by answering your questions about Uganda and by finding a project that best fits your skills and interests.

We offer in-country assistance by collecting you from the airport, getting you to your placement, and unraveling some of the more complicated cultural issues you face when entering Uganda for the first time. It is not easy to come to a completely foreign culture on your own. We want to be there for you to give you encouragement, advice and support in order for you to get the most out of your holiday or volunteer placement while you are here.

There is a common sitting area and outside space, so there is space to carry out different activities.  There are also some supplies left at the home by previous travelers/volunteers that are for common use, such as paper, paints, medical supplies etc for those planning to do some volunteering while here.

If you live at the home, you will be shown where keys are kept. Make sure you place them in the right place, every time you leave the house. You should lock the door when you go out and no one else is at home. Village based volunteers are not given keys and must rely on the kindness of those living at the home.


Breakfast served at the Nomads Homestay is healthy and well balanced.  It includes tea and coffee, bread, jam, fruit and a main dish, depending on the wish to prepare that day (Ex. eggs, bacon, pancakes, French toast, cereal, porridge, etc.).

Lunch is typically the main meal of the day in Uganda and volunteers will often eat their meals on-site, prepared by local families or community members.  If not, Project Leaders will bring volunteers to a local restaurant, which will offer several traditional options.  A typical Ugandan lunch features beef, chicken or fish coupled with potatoes, rice or beans (usually rice). Dinners at Nomads Homestay offer a vegetarian and non-vegetarian option each night.

Always be wary of street vendors’ food, which is more susceptible to contamination, under-cooked meat and raw fruits or vegetables.  DO NOT drink water straight from the tap.  Brushing your teeth with it is usually fine, but, for personal consumption, be sure to buy bottled water from a store or boil tap water before drinking (though the latter is far less practical).

If you are a village based volunteer and wish to spend a night and take your meals at the home, contact us at least 2 days in advance. It’s first come, first serve with the beds and we plan all meals 2 days in advance. If we don’t know you’re coming, we can’t guarantee a bed or food for you. Also, we ask that you respect the fact that the home is located in a multiple culture complex. It is not a weekend “party” retreat. Smoking (outside) and drinking (in moderation) are allowed, but be cool about it.


The home is highly well known within the area we are based and you’ll find that many local people are interested to meet the people staying there. Please do not invite them in as it will encourage them to come back. Remember that you have nice things to lose, like digital cameras, phones and laptops. While there are many wonderful Ugandans, it is best not to have strangers inside the house as their motives may not be apparent.

Your laundry will be washed, ironed and folded for you and you will be given a laundry basket to use for the duration of your stay. We recommend that you do not bring clothing that you are too attached to, as the facilities are basic by the developed world’s standards and the staff would not want to ruin your favorite clothes.

We do believe that volunteers living together and working closely together with their volunteer coordinators is the surest way of guaranteeing their safety and being able to attend to their most pressing needs. For this reason we expect all volunteers to stay only in the accommodation provided for them and do not allow volunteers to spend nights away in the town or nearby villages unless they are away on pre-arranged sightseeing excursions.