Amabeere ga Nyinamwiru Caves

Amabeere ga Nyinamwiru Caves, loosely translated as “breasts of Nyinamwiru caves” are a cultural site with remarkable history These with teat like protrusions dripping milky water, located on Nyakasura Hill not far from Fort portal town. These are damp caves that tell a sad historical story about the Batembuzi dynasty (believed to have been demi gods) where the current Babiito kings of Bunyoro and Toro originate from.

The caves are actually as a result of geographical formation of stalagmites, an upward growth of mineral deposits that have precipitated from water dripping unto the cave floor and stalactites, an icicle shaped formation hanging from the cave ceiling produced by precipitation of minerals from water dripping through it.

The legend and oral history have it that Bukuku a former gatekeeper assumed kingship after overthrowing his master Isaza as he had wandered away from his Kingdom. Bukuku had a beautiful daughter, Nyinamwiru and there was a prophesy that this daughter would bear a son who would over throw Bukuku.

Bukuku a local usurper king tried to undo the prophesy by forcing his daughter to marry a man of his choice as per the custom in the day but she refused and wanted to choose her own spouse instead. Infuriated, the king reported had Nyinamwiru’s breasts cut off to make her less attractive to men.  It is strongly believed that the scenic rocks in this location are her breasts oozing milk since that day.

Nyinamwiru’s allure was still strong, and his drastic plans failed so he hid her in the cave, this very cave. Somehow Isaza managed to sneak into the kingdom; she became pregnant to the Batembuzi king, Isaza and later gave birth to their son, Ndahura.

She was unable to breast feed the infant so she used what looked like milk dripping from the stalactite, which appeared milky because of its calcium content to do so and at a later stage took him to Buganda to hide. Fatefully he grew up into an energetic young man can eventually returned to Toro to fulfil the prophesy.

Once in the land, he went to graze his cows on his father’s pasture, this angered Bukuku who drew a spear and hurled it at Ndahura though he missed the target. Ndahura got the spear, flexed his biceps, took aim and threw it back to Bukuku and the prophesy was fulfilled when he became king. It is said that Ndahura formed one of the greatest empires of the Great Lakes area of Africa.

Standing alongside the caves are the moss- covered rocks behind a small waterfall. From the site, you can hike to Nyakasura hill which will give you views of three different crater lakes; lake Kigere, one of the craters is located north east of the caves and about 10 minutes’ hike from there.

It is possible to stand behind the waterfall which is a great experience and even swim in the small icy cold pool itself though you may end up surrounded by colobus monkeys that reside in the virgin canopy near the caves and lakes and cripples with birds, snakes as well as insects

Also, another exciting thing to visit is a large foot in the area believed to belong to one of the last Batembuzi dynasty people who were giants. Generally speaking, these caves are worth a visit, you will hike for the better as you get to a place where ancient meet modern an eye opener to geography, history and cultural folk lore.

Other activities that can be done while here

Getting there

The rocks are located in Fort portal, about 320 kilometers from Kampala and the rocks are 5km west of Fort portal town.

They can be added as an optional activity on a trip to Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kibale National Park or Semuliki National Park for bird viewing and hot springs.


Fort portal town has a couple of lodges and hotels that suite any traveler’s budget.