Dindo Hill, Home to Buganda’s First Man

Dindo Hill is believed to be the home of the first Muganda man, Ssekabaka Kintu. It is located in Kasawo, Mukono District along Kayunga road. Kintu according to the famous Kiganda legend is believed to have been the first man to live in the current day Buganda geographical area.

This is a rocky hill which has reeds enclosing the palace and the main entrance. Visitors are asked to leave their shoes behind as they draw closer to the rocks because it is regarded to be “holy ground.” These are strong rocks with some imprints on them and Dindo, the caretaker of the hill is always there to share the secrets that these rocks hold.

The period in which Kintu existed is so unclear, since legends are passed on to generations, it is believed to be as old as Stone Age or earth which is said to have been in existence millions of years ago.

It is believed that he arrived in Buganda from the east and as you explore these rocks in the same direction, there are foot prints (human and animal) that are believed to belong to Kintu and his dog as he settled here and established himself.

Kintu later is said to have married Nambi, a beautiful girl whose father was God, it is believed that he was summoned in heaven to do some tests in which he was successful. They got marriage consent from God and so they descended down to earth to begin a family. At one of the lower points of the rocks is a gateway to where Nambi’s Kitchen was located. Currently used today by people who seek blessings to prepare meals for the “spirits” and the caretaker who acts as a medium.

It is purely rocks here but according to the caretaker, these are not just rocks but rather Kintu’s palace and homestead. He takes vistors around showing them the cow, Kintu’s bed, his royal seats from which he oversaw the Kingdom, a stone hewn board for the playing “omweso” (common board game among the Baganda).

He further shows visitors Nambi’s well called Nasolo from which she and other palace dwellers fetched water from. He says that due to the powers of the well, only those who come for “healing and blessings” can access it. And the place where she is believed to have given birth from can also be seen on the rocks.

The palace/ place is good for people who would love to listen to history, breath in some fresh air and explore cultural Heritage sites. Its rural setting gives it a vibe that will help you travel back thousands of years back as the caretaker tell the story.

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