Forest Resort Beach Kasenge

Forest Resort Beach Kasenge

A combination of birding, nature walks and canoeing in a mysterious “lake” culminates in the courage to get down on one knee at the “Dating Island” and ask: “Will you marry me?”

Under the setting sun, with magical reflections of a tropical jungle dancing in the water, amid protesting swans, the answer will definitely be: “Yes.”

Located approximately 30kms from Kampala along Kampala-Jinja Rd, Kasenge is a vast tropical forest with a fully-fledged safari lodge–offering experiences that rejuvenate mind, body and spirit. It is a tranquil and harmonious sanctuary where couples/families spend a few hours and emerge feeling as fresh as the daisy flowers that thrive in her shades.

A guided nature walk under her sky hugging canopies opens up a whole new world, giving one a different perspective of our planet.

From the moment one sets foot here, they are treated to the sight of birds with endearing plumage and calls that awaken the soul. Amongst the over 120 species found here, such include the pied Kingfisher, great blue turraco, herons.

Sustaining the above flora and fauna is a breathtaking lake fed by the legendary Sezibwa falls which sits a few kilometers up hill.

If sports fishing is on your bucket list, you won’t be disappointed. There are over 10 fresh water fish species to whom this bilharzia free habitat is home. This includes Uganda’s favourite, Nile Perch.

This is a mini adventure hub offering activities like boat riding, camping, bird watching, nature walks and it has a “dating island”. Its one of SunTrack Adventures’ favorite weekend getaway just 10mins drive from Mukono town.

Pick up your best friend and go on a nature adventure experience at Forest Resort Beach Kasenge, Mukono you will understand the meaning of life again!