Namengo Hill Cultural Site

Namengo Hill Cultural Site/ Tonda palace (Embuga ya Tonda) is located in Kyampisi, Mukono District. Locals in the area call it,”Essabo lya Ssalongo Kabuye” which is loosely translated as “Ssalongo Kabuye’s Shrine. The person being mention is the caretaker of the hill and shrine.

This is a rocky hill, hidden away in a humble neighborhood and surrounded by trees giving life to the gloomy surrounding. The existence of the hill however according to the caretaker is spiritual. He goes on to add that his calling to take care of the Hill is also spiritual. He goes ahead to tell us more, though based on total myths and beliefs.

The caretaker insists that the place is not a shrine but rather a meeting place/ home of spirits from both Buganda and Ankole Kingdoms (traditionally strong kingdoms in Uganda). He adds on to say that the kings of these two Kingdoms get their powers from here.

He went on with his tale and says that Kabaka Tonda (the Creator) stood on this very hill and created the world and all the races (claims it’s Eden according to him and the spirits that called him). He adds that all the other races and tribes went with their full powers except Ankole and Buganda whose leadership powers exit here.

He adds on to say that the gods/ spirits chose him so that he can help these two kings share these powers so that there is peace among the two kingdoms. Notable to note however is the fact that this hill is covered with rocks (no wonder it is regarded as a home of spirits since in African Traditional Religion these were their resident places)

But the hill is much more that just a spiritual meeting place. It is a place where some rocks are naturally curved in form of an arm chair and grinding stone (olubengo) from which the name of the hill is derived. It is a perfect place for hiking, nature walks and bird watching. The forest surrounding this hill give it a great picturesque for the photography lovers.

A trip to this beautifully tackled away “point of creation” is done by SunTrack Adventures under our Cultural Discovery Tours.