Speke Monument

The Speke Monument is situated on the western Bank of River Nile in Bukaya Village, Njeru and was set up in remembrance of John Hanning Speke an Explorer and Adventurer who was the first white man to discover the source of the Nile.

It is similar to the one located near the Junction of Lancaster walk and Budges walk in Kensington Gardens, one of London’s Royal Parks. Made from red granite, the monument was designed by Philip Hardwick as a memorial dedicated to John Hanning Speke.

While on the hill where the monument is located, you will have sight of fantastic lake and river views. It also offers a perfect serene environment to do photography, bird watching especially the kingfishers as you also get to see monkeys and other animals.

Brief History

In the Victorian Age, which is in the 1800; the tantalizing thought of being the first person to discover the source of the Nile in the Dark Continent became a major prospect for many Adventures just like extreme adventures or going to the moon or planet mars is in the modern day.

John Hanning Speke and James Burton set off around 1856 for their exploration journey to east Africa with a major aim of finding the real/ actual source of the mighty River Nile and the Great lakes that were said to lie in the middle of African continent.

Speke and Richard later heard of a lake that was located around the east, and they therefore decided to pursue it while embarking on their journey back to the coast.  Due to the many mishaps and calamities that these two faced, Burton was bed- ridden and therefore left behind.

Speke without Burton travelled until he reached the southern shores of lake Nalubaale (which he re- named Victoria) where the local told him of a vast river at the Northern tip of the lake.

He travelled for about 48 days and approximately 463 miles until he reached Jinja and he therefore became the first European to discover Lake Victoria and River Nile which he drew on the map.

Burton however contended that Speke never actually saw the Nile and he suggested instead that Lake Tanganyika was the source. He was believed because Speke died the night before he could present evidence of his findings and claims.

Through an analysis of his notes, the truth was finally established and a monument was erected on the western Bank of River Nile in Bukaya Village, Njeru.

A visit to Speke Monument can be customized on a trip to Jinja, Source of the Nile, Busowoko Falls, Itanda Falls or while visiting Eastern Uganda.