Wonders of Uganda

Uganda is a small beautiful landlocked country located across the Equator line in the heart of Africa. The country boasts of a myriad of sights that take your breath away, no wonder Winston Churchill named it the, “Pearl of Africa.”

The country is blessed with different wildlife, beautiful and friendly people, great and mostly fresh and organic food as well as fruits. It is the true definition of beauty, colour and profusion of a brilliant life with amazing landscapes and weather; its beauty ranges from the snow peaked mountain, dense tropical rainforests, rolling savannah grasslands, island studded lakes to white water rapids on its rivers.

Just as the world has its wonders, Uganda too as a country with its own wonders. Some are extremely mind blowing and some will be so hard for you to believe until you experience or see them. SunTrack Adventures has compiled a few of these to give you a glimpse of what the country offers.

Uganda’s Landscapes

Road trips around the country encompass through hills, valleys, mountains, rivers, lakes, tropical rainforests and savannah grasslands covering all these almost in a single day. If you happen to take a road trip to any part of the country, just chill and enjoy the winding hills, plateaus as well as water bodies.

Source of River Nile

The world’s longest river has its source in Jinja; while here, you can take a boat ride on Lake Victoria to the point where the Nile starts to flow out of the lake; the place is marked with a post where you will stand in awe, knowing that the journey the Nile makes to the Mediterranean Sea through the four countries starts.

Rwenzori Mountain/ Mountains of the Moon (Snow on the Equator)

A hike up these mountains above the peak line will demonstrate why they were indeed dubbed “mountains of the moon since it is the country’s highest range, it is difficult to hike and still snows all year round yet it is crossed by the Equator. Mountain Rwenzori encompasses of different altitude zones each with different vegetation and animals unique to it, making it a wonder to behold.

Lake Bunyonyi

This is Uganda’s deepest lake, free of predator marine animals and comprises of 29 islands. The lake is famous for its abundance of birdlife, over 200 species; has rich history and beautiful cultural experiences hence worth a visit. The lake has the enduring quality to inspire absolute contentment that bubbles over into the widest of smiles.

Unique cultures

Uganda is a home to over 50 distinguished tribes each with specific cultural norms, food and ceremonies. Each tribe therefore has unique ways of preparing food, rites of passage at the different stages of life and dances. In case you would like to experience this, check out our cultural tours.

Kidepo Valley

In this valley lies Kidepo Valley National Park; located in the right corner of Uganda and the most isolated park yet stands out as one of the best unexplored places for any wildlife viewer. It is one of Africa’s wildernesses accommodating a couple of extinct wildlife species that cannot be found anywhere else in the country as well as a great spot for a cultural trail to the Karamajongs, Ik among other tribes near it.

Lake Victoria

This is the second largest fresh water lake in the world, the world’s largest tropical lake and the principal source of the longest river, the Nile. About half of its waters are in Uganda.

Murchison Falls

This could one of the most exciting things that happened to the Nile; here, the waters of Victoria Nile explode through a narrow gap in a rocky gorge creating a very powerful natural flow of water, Murchison Falls. The picturesque falls drape a magnificent backdrop of Murchison Falls National Park where nature and wildlife thrives.

Kazinga Channel

This is a wide and long natural channel which links lakes Edward and George; a dominant feature of Queen Elizabeth National Park. The channel attracts a varied range of animals and birds and has one of the world’s biggest concentrations of Hippos.

Sipi Falls

These are located on the foothills of Mount Elgon and are alleged to be the most beautiful waterfalls in Uganda. They are a series of three waterfalls which give you more than just a view but the best experience since you will have to walk through trails to get to them.

Mountain Elgon Caldera

The caldera on this mountain is about 40 square kilometers, the world’s largest and one of the largest surface areas of ancient extinct volcanoes that raises above the hot dusty plains of Karamoja.


Apart from the fact that the country is blessed with natural scenic wildlife wonders that usually draw visitors to it, the warmth, friendliness and hospitality of the people of Uganda has some people coming back again and again.

Mountain Gorillas

Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Forest Reserve are Mecca for safari travelers, addicts and wildlife enthusiasts who want to see things in their natural habitats. Uganda boasts of nearly half of the remaining gorilla population and the number is increasing each year rewarding travelers with unforgettable experience while trekking these creatures in the wild.

Tree Climbing Lions

These inhabit the remote southern sector of Queen Elizabeth’s Ishasha sector in western Uganda. They exhibit unusual character of reclining along branches of giant trees that stand above the grassy plains.


Uganda offers wildlife lovers chimpanzee tracking and habituation experience as they get to view other animals as well. Chimpanzee populations are mostly concentrated in Kibale Forest, Kyambura gorge and Igamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary.


Uganda has over 1000 bird species and you don’t have to be a birder to appreciate this. The country is home to many sought after Albertine rift endemic and prehistoric Shoebill.

Kasubi Tombs

These are unique building structures comprised solely of vegetal materials and serve as burial grounds for four Buganda Kingdom’s former Kings. It is an important spiritual and cultural site to the people of Uganda especially the Baganda.

The list is endless, listing them here will only make you lazy but you coming over and visiting will be the best thing you will have rewarded your eyes and memory chip. Uganda stands out as one of the world’s best Safari and off the beaten track destination and SunTrack Adventures is at your service.