Greater Mukono covers the districts of Mukono, Kayunga, Buvuma, and Buikwe (all formerly part of the bigger Mukono district). At SunTrack Adventures – the word Greater Mukono is used interchangeably to mean our day trips and tours or the attractions in the districts mentioned above.

Mukono: “The King’s hand” – Back in the day, people from Kyagwe County in Buganda Kingdom used to take their gifts direct to the Kabaka. As the population grew, it became nearly impossible as the palace got over crowded. The Kabaka thus directed the people to give the gifts to the county chief who would deliver them to him. Since then, people started referring to the county chief as the hand (Omukono) that delivered their gifts to the Kabaka hence the name of the place, as Mukono.

SunTrack Adventures organizes and arranges Greater Mukono tours and trips to top attractions in Mukono, Kayunga, Buvuma, Buikwe and Jinja, giving you an opportunity to discover the undiscovered side of Uganda. Greater Mukono has a favorable climate, abundant rainfall, rich flora and fauna, and proximity to urban areas.

Discover Greater Mukono with the help of SunTrack Adventures. Greater Mukono has a lot to offer to the intrepid traveler from deeper culture experiences, to mind-blowing water falls, unspoiled rainforests and rare wildlife.

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