Kericho Tea Tour & Kisumu Impala Walking Safari

Kericho Tea Tour

This Kericho Tea Tour and Kisumu Impala Walking Safari will take you to Kericho Tea Plantations in Kericho, Western Kenya and Kisumu Impala Sanctuary and also having a great night out in Kisumu City.

SunTrack Adventures is specialized in arranging off-the beaten path tours and safaris. We always arrange special-interest tours and safaris to places where few people go.

Kericho Tea Farm Tour

Kenya is the third-largest tea producer in the world, Tea is Kenya’s main export and Kericho is the tea capital of Africa.

Kericho is also one of the prettiest and cleanest cities in Kenya with nice and welcoming people. The surrounding highlands covered with patches of forest make the famous tea plantations, a great opportunity for photography.

SunTrack Adventures guides in Kericho organizes fun and informative tea estate and factory tour. The Kericho tea tour involve walking around the fields and watching the picking (note that the pickers don’t work on Sunday) and it will end by visiting the tea factory to see the actual process of tea manufacturing.

The tea plantations are incredible to explore, stunning scenery, amazing smell and very accessible. Before we leave Kericho for Kisumu City, we shall visit other optional attractions in Kericho.

Optional Attractions in Kericho

Chagaik Botanic Garden: If you want some peace and quiet, you must consider spending some time at the arboretum at Chagaik Botanic Garden. Chagaik is located to the right on the Kericho-Nakuru highway, it is about 10 kilometers from Kericho town.

Chagaik Botanic Garden is an enclave of tropical jungle, formed by lush green grass and a variety of indigenous tree species; surrounded by orderly tea plantations. Furthermore, here you will find a small dam located at the bottom of the valley.

You can rest up or picnic in this shelter of tranquility, it is also a reliable spot for Colobus monkeys, insects, and forest birds.

Monkey Sanctuary: It has been established in an area of the forest on the Kericho Chebown estate. Its objective is to protect several species of monkey, including the Vervet monkey (Chlorocebus pygerythrus) and the endangered colobus monkey.

Kisumu Impala Walking Safari:

Located within Kisumu city, Kenya. Kisumu Impala Sanctuary lies on the shores of Lake Victoria. The facility was gazetted in 1992. In March 2010, it was branded as “a lakeshore walk with impalas”. Over 115 species of birds have been recorded here. Presently, the sanctuary boasts of 4 of the big fives (except elephants).

There are a diverse number of flora (of trees, grass & herbs) and fauna both free ranging and captive. Annually, the sanctuary conducts the Kisumu Impala Conservation Boat Race event in November to help create awareness of wildlife, especially the endangered sitatunga antelope. Apart from nature viewing and boat riding, the sanctuary is a key site for ecology and wildlife research and education.

Kisumu Impala Walking Safari
Kisumu Impala Walking Safari

The animal sanctuary houses lions, African leopards, cape buffalos, olive baboons, hyenas, Tanzanian cheetahs, side-striped jackals, rescued grey parrots, guinea fowls, impalas, leopard tortoises and vervet monkeys among others. Many species of snake, monitor lizard, dragon fly, frog, and butterfly are also present.

The sanctuary also provides an important open grazing for hippopotamus population and refuge for the threatened sitatunga antelope in the nearby swamps.

Visitors to the sanctuary can find different types of accommodation according to their taste, ranging from the Impala eco-safari lodge with a 24-bed capacity and one campsite (State Lodge Campsite). There are also four picnic sites. The Sundowner tower overlooks the railway trail and is a breath-taking area for sunsets on the shores of the second largest fresh water lake in the world.

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Kericho Tea Tour & Kisumu Impala Walking Safari

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