FAQs About Volunteering In Uganda

Volunteering in Rural Uganda

Ssamba Foundation offers opportunities for volunteering in rural Uganda, through various community development projects, giving you a chance to experience the culture, the people and much more. Ssamba Foundation is a self-sustaining community based development organization in Mukono District, Uganda founded in 2006 by Hon. Isaac Ssamba and volunteering with us is 100% free.

Although you are responsible for your flight, accommodation, and living costs, there is no program or participation fee, no weekly fees. We appreciate your time and allow you to use your compassion and skills to help make the world a better place at no cost to you!

  1. What volunteer work in Uganda can I do?

We’re looking for volunteers in Uganda who will contribute to projects in communities where help is most needed. During the application process we’ll discuss your skills, experience and of course, preferences to ensure that you’re assigned to the right project.

  1. How long can I come for?

Our volunteering in rural Uganda experience lasts either 4 weeks up to 12 months and includes a three day of orientation upon arrival.  You’ll have the chance to travel at weekends but to make the most of this fantastic country why not leave some time at the end of your volunteering experience to explore further afield.

  1. Where will I be working?

Our Ugandan projects are rural community based. The majority of our volunteers are placed in rural areas across the Mukono district  including the islands in Lake Victoria.

  1. Who will I be working with?

We place volunteers in existing projects, working alongside local people. Our volunteer work in rural Uganda is essentially designed to provide independent experiences which promote integration with the local people. You may also be working alongside another international volunteer.

  1. Where will I be living?

As part of our ‘Local Approach’, we believe that living with a local family is the best way for volunteers to become fully immersed into the local culture. You’ll be placed with a family in a Ugandan community, a short distance from your project. Your host will welcome you into their family and help you to settle into the local area. You might be living with another volunteer.

Houses can be very basic and may not have running water or a constant source of electricity. Enjoying home-cooked food, sharing stories and life experiences and learning the local language will give you a unique and memorable experience.

  1. How much does it cost?

Volunteering in Uganda is free, as it should be, No Program Fees!  No weekly fees! At Ssamba Foundation, we appreciate and allow you to use your compassion to help make the world a better place at no cost to you!

We have however, set up the challenge for all volunteers coming/interested to volunteer with Ssamba Foundation in Uganda to throw themselves into fundraising and aim to bring a donation of USD$1000, €800, £750! We know you can do it!

The funds raised or donated, goes directly to your project of interest, where you will be volunteering.  Fundraise for or donate to your intended project, and come stay with us for anywhere between 4 weeks- to- 6 months or up-to 12 months on a case by case basis. Where does my contribution go?

Benefits of Volunteering with Ssamba Foundation:

Volunteers are always welcome at Ssamba Foundation either for short-term or long-term projects. We want to deliver an experience to enjoy Uganda by living, working and making an impact with us.  In exchange for your skills, donation and help, you get the following:

  • Pre-Departure Handbook (Everything you need to know about Uganda)
  • We shall pick you up from Entebbe International airport (Pick Up only)
  • Accommodation throughout your stay (Minimum stay is 4 weeks)
  • Shared bedroom with one other-same sex volunteer (separate beds)
  • Blanket, Pillows and treated mosquito net
  • Limited Wi-Fi Access at house (Please feel free to bring your laptop)
  • 3 delicious local meals for your entire duration
  • 24/7 In country Support
  • You can stay with us for up to 12 months in Uganda, no extra fees required
  • Deeper culture immersion experience with founder’s family
  • Discounted tours, safaris and events
  • We can help with Visa extensions
  • Work and life experience
  • The opportunity to help others and lifetime friends
  • Certificate of Appreciation at the end of your stay
The requirements to join Ssamba Foundation volunteer program in Uganda:
  • You must be over 18yrs
  • You must speak some English (you don’t need to be fluent)
  • A copy of your passport with 6+ months validity
  • Placement commitment fee of USD$200 (part of your donation)
  • Criminal Record, Background Check report or Police Statement
  • We recommend travel/life personal insurance
  • You must commit at least 4 weeks’ minimum (longer stays are much appreciated).
  • You must be Sociable, Energetic, Positive & Fun! Who can Apply?
  1. What’s excluded?

The please budget for  the following: Air tickets, Insurance, Airport Transfers, Personal Expenses

  1. What else should I budget for?

We feel it’s important to be as upfront as possible about any additional costs so that you can manage your budget and have a hassle-free trip. Please budget for the following: Air-ticket, Insurance, Accommodation, Airport Transfers, Health, and day to day living expenses.

Raising extra funds for your volunteering in Uganda trip needn’t be difficult as there are loads of things you can do to raise money. Your arrival orientation, placement and local support services is provided by Isaac Ssamba himself or support team.

  1. Do I send fundraised donation money before I arrive in Uganda?

Yes. Previously, we had volunteers withdraw donation fees upon arrival in Mukono, Uganda. However, we have now changed the procedure and require that volunteers wire their donation money prior to arrival in Uganda. Wiring the money is safer for the volunteer because you do not have to carry around a large sum of money as you travel to Uganda. It will also be cheaper since you won’t need to use the ATMs numerous times (and associated fees). It is also much easier for us in Uganda.

Our philosophy of having 100% of all Volunteer donations used directly at the project of your choice still stands. We do NOT keep any of the Volunteer fundraised donations to ourselves. Please see how your donation is used.

  1. Do you have any discount arrangements with a safari company?

Ssamba Foundation is managed by the same team at SunTrack Adventures and we have worked out a special deal with game parks, tourist attractions centers, bars and night clubs for our volunteers (who are usually on a tight budget). We offer them safari experiences at a reduced rate.

Almost all of our volunteers take advantage of this great opportunity. All arrangements and payment for the safari is handled directly between the volunteer and our safari company- SunTrack Adventures.

  1. Can I do fundraising for more than the required fees?

Yes. You can do fundraising, collect more donations. We have fundraising marketing material that we send to all confirmed volunteers. You can also raise items like refurbished computers, books, cameras, clothes, soccer balls etc. All donations are welcome (except medical donations).

Please Apply Now at: ssambafoundation@gmail.com