Improving Livelihoods in Uganda

Volunteer Work Uganda

We are dedicated to improving the lives of poor Ugandans through volunteer work in Uganda by engaging in humanitarian work, medical intervention, education and conservation. We focus on individual and community education to improve all aspects of the lives of children and adults.

Skilled and dedicated volunteers work in partnership with us, wherever possible adopting a holistic approach to solving and providing long term solutions to problems faced by people living in primitive conditions, mainly in the rural areas of Uganda where the infrastructure of towns itself is good for the area.

Ssamba Foundation is working towards all children in Uganda having access to their basic necessities. Working with the youngest and most vulnerable children, Ssamba Foundation provides community-based development programs, humanitarian aid, health care, education in rural Uganda.

Our programs are designed to give hope to street children, orphans and abandoned and abused children, children with disabilities and those from very poor families. We serve children without discrimination of race, religion, or sex. We aim to create partnerships between communities, youth groups and schools across the World.

While working with Ssamba Foundation, volunteers learn about the real situation at the grassroots level in rural Africa. Life in Africa is tough for everyone, not just HIV/AIDS patients, orphans and refugees. Wages are low, corruption is rampant, and education is not universal. In spite of this, our beneficiaries are some of the most welcoming, friendly, and open people in Africa.

Volunteers become part of the family, learning about the local culture: how to cook, how to speak the language, how to sit peacefully with their neighbors and talk about life in general. We hope that volunteers take that knowledge home with them, spreading the word about African development issues and culture around the world.

Volunteers may work in orphanages, schools, poor communities and villages, in mobile medical clinics, health units and in rural, fairly remote rural landscapes doing conservation work for the preservation of landscapes, eco-systems and wildlife and also for ancient and historic sites.

Ssamba Foundation’ volunteer work in Uganda has an excellent track record since 2006, of delivering and implementing aid, and providing food, education, medical care and community outreaches program serving people in Africa.

Ssamba Foundation is driven by the desire to see these poor homeless children provided them with the basic necessities of life. Volunteer with us today, please send an email to inquire about what we are working on now.

To Volunteer With Us/ To Inquire about our work write to:

Tel: +256-791-517383 (Whatsapp)